Do I get access to all the products when I subscribed to SuperGoodPLR membership?

To keep our products unique and to maximize our product values you will have access to products on the current month plus the previous month only. This way of arrangement protects the product uniqueness and increases the product values so you can resell these products without too many competitions.

An illustration on how our membership works,

If you subscribe in February then you will have access to products released in February plus access to products on the previous month which is January.

When February lapsed you will then have access to products released on March and previous month products assuming your membership is active and you have not cancel your membership but January products will be removed from the site.

To maximize your membership values it is wise to keep your membership active so will receive all the new products released every months.

It is also important for members to download all the products in each particular month before the month lapsed as we remove access to 2 months before products once a new month come.

* Please note that once you have downloaded a particular product including older product from previous month you will be granted with perpetual PLR license.


What is the product license?

All products released on SuperGoodPLR for our members are included with Private Label Rights (White label) license. This license grants you perpetual rights to resell and distribute the products subject to the following terms and conditions,

* You CAN resell the products to your customer. Your customer will receive personal use license. (You customer can use the product in their personal or commercial nature project)

* You CAN use the product as a bonus for product that you are selling.

* You CAN use the product as bonus for affiliate promotion subject to the contents restriction term. (Restricted to one month of contents only, for instance you can only distribute the contents in December release as affiliate bonus but NOT December + January + February. )

* You CAN add, mix and match both the products with other products and resell it.

* You CAN sell both the products individually or as a package.

* You CAN rebrand this product and resell it under your own brand.

* You CAN add this product to a paid membership site. (Minimum $20 a month membership subscription is required)

* You CAN rebrand the product and sell it under your own brand.

* You CANNOT claim copyright.

* You CANNOT add this product to a free membership site.

* You CANNOT give away this product for free. (There must be some monetary exchange before you can distribute these motion backgrounds to your customers)

* You CANNOT resell or distribute this product to an auction site such as eBay.


What make SuperGoodPLR special from other PLR products service provider out there?

One thing in common PLR products generally suffer from is poor quality and lack of uniqueness.

We fix these by offering in house produced PLR products, these products are produced by our own team of professional designers and developers and each of them are crafted to perfection to meet current industry demands trend.

Lack of uniqueness is also a problem many PLR products suffer from, when you released a product with distribution rights without imposing any distribution control over them they get distributed so widely that you can spot them everywhere. This decreased the uniqueness of the product drastically and these products ended up PLR trash bin as they worth nothing since everyone can get them everywhere.

We tackle this problem by imposing distribution controls over our released PLR products, our products are only released for one particular month only and after that month lapsed the products will be taken off. This control allows only handful number of our members have access to distribution rights to these products thus maintaining the freshness of these products making their values stay.

This is what makes us, through SuperGoodPLR membership you will receive only high graded products that your customers will love to buy and knowing that a highly controlled distribution system is in place to protect the value of the product.