SuperGoodPLR is a Premium PLR Membership Site that Give you Access to Unique and Top Graded PLR (White Label) Products That You can Resell and Keep 100% of The Profits.

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What make SuperGoodPLR Special When Compare to Other PLR Products Service Provider Site out there?


In House Produced Products

All our products are unique and produced by our own team of professional designer and developers. This put we at a distinct advantage as it make our product more unique and you are the first to get distribution rights to these products.


Unique Products

Our products are unique and unique is a BIG deal in PLR products! Because when a PLR product get distribute too many times in the market the value of the product quickly diminished, we understand this this is why we impose distribution control over our products thus maintaining the freshness of our products and its values.


Regular Updates

Regularly updates with fresh new products added every month guaranteed! Every month you will expect to see something new in our member’s area so every month is a new treat with new products that you can profit from.


Zero Risk

Product creation can cost a lot of money but we eliminate all the risks for you with readymade top graded quality products all ready for you to generate profits from. Our membership pretty much opens countless opportunities for you.

How our Membership Work & Why Our PLR membership is Awesome!

We impose strict distribution control over our products to retain its freshness; this is paramount in this business as it maintains the uniqueness and ultimately the value of the product.

Our membership work this way, when you sign up for our membership you will be granted access to products released on that particular month plus products released on the previous month. And when that month lapsed you will then have access to brand new products that will be released next month but previous 2 months contents will be removed from the site.

In another word your membership will only give you access to two months of products at one time only but you will have perpetual PLR license to all the products you downloaded before, so it is wise to keep your membership active so you can access to all our awesome products each of every month.

A Simple Illustration on How our Membership Works

  1. You signed up for our membership on January and the current month is March.
  2. You downloaded all the products that we released on March to your hard drive.
  3. Once March ended all the products on January will be removed from our site (February products will still be available for download for another month) but you still have perpetual PLR distribution license to all the products you downloaded from January leaving you with unique products that you can profit from in your entire life! And the best thing is no one else will have distribution license access to these products anymore as they are removed from our site!
  4. Assuming your membership is still active you now have access to all the brand new products we going to release on April.

SuperGoodPLR Membership Features

Fresh Contents

Ever month our team of designer and developer will design and develop new product from scratch and release them to the membership area by the end of the month.

Original Source Files Included

All our products are released with its own original source files included and all other necessary required source files.

Niche Focused

Currently our main niche focus is on video creation and graphics related products such as PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint video templates, PSD templates, infographics, eCovers and many more.

Perpetual PLR License

As a member on our site, you will receive perpetual PLR license to all the products you downloaded (including all the older products that are made unavailable in the previous months.)

How you Can Profits from SuperGoodPLR Membership

There are myriad of ways to make full good use of SuperGoodPLR membership and below are just a few ideas you can implement to make profits with our membership.

Sell them directly to your existing customers.

Use them as bonus to enhance your existing product or service.


Use them in your client’s project or your own project commercial or personal nature.


Mix and match the product and resell them as new package.

Create a niche membership that specialized in specific niche and generate recurring monthly profits!

And many more ideas that you can implement to generate unlimited profits!

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SuperGoodPLR Monthly Membership

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* The SuperGoodPLR monthly membership is billed automatically every month and you can cancel it anytime either through PayPal or by contacting us.

SuperGoodPLR LifeTime Membership

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* The SuperGoodPLR lifetime membership is the most valuable membership that we have, the lifetime membership grant you lifetime access to all the new products that we release every months.

* Please note that all our memberships doesn’t give you access to any of the previous released products, all our memberships only give you access to new products that are released on this month or future months. So it is advisable to sign up ASAP so you will have access to all the products we released this month and all the products in the future.